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Holster Sets

Mike's Manta Leather holster set

We make holsters and for Cowboy Mounted Shooting as well as custom holsters for most guns, whether concealed carry or belt or saddle. All types of leather goods.

Holster sets

Rifle and Shotgun

Rifle/Shotgun combination holster for mounted shooting

Our Shotgun/Rifle combo holster that can be left on you saddle  has  overwhelmingly been  accepted by mounted shooters. Can be mounted simply on your back girth using your existing girth strap and will never interfere with the horses movement. 

Rifle & Shotgun Holsters and Scababrds

Saddle Accessorires

Misty's Bridle, Breastplate tie down, Tapadero's, reins  and Mike's chinks by Manta Leather

We make custom bridles, breastplates, saddle bags, pommel bags, tapaderos and the best Braided reins for mounted shooting, barrel racing and roping

Saddle Accesories

Ruger Pistol Grips

Synthetic Stage grips

We have USA made grips for Ruger Old & New Vaquero/Montado pistols


Forms for custom made leather

Chinks & Chaps custom fit

Please follow the link to the forms poage for a quote on Holster sets, chaps or chinks

Forms page

Other Leather Products

Bronc Halters, Guitar straps, bags, belts and much more

Guitar Straps, Bronc Halters, Bags, Belts, Spur straps and more

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Chaps and Chinks

Our Chaps and Chinks  use made by hand. Each piece  of leather is hand cut and hand tooled . Our Snaps and D's are highest quality stainless. Concha's and buckles  from Jeremiah Watt and Hansen Silver or  handmade antiques. 

Stitching is carefully done with nylon thread by machine for long lasting strength and will not rot.

The edges of the belts, leg protectors and waistbands are skived and rounded, pores sealed ,dyed and  sealed with bees wax.  A water resistant finish is applied to the skirting leather .

Our designs range from classic 19th Century  to contemporary. Each unique design is made "One Piece at a Time" as are all our products .