Ruger Old Model Vaquero

Ruger Old Vaquero Sheriffs model 3.5" barrel & custom grips recently sold

I have always been a fan of the Ruger Old Model Vaquero. They have a slightly larger frame and heavier than the current Vaquero/Montado. Originally made for the .44 magnum, They are indestructible .

I have used several different pairs in Cowboy Mounted Shooting events for the last 10 years without ever having a failure.  I take it back, I had Blackhawk dropped hammers from Ruger installed on one pair and the hammer holes galled, became oval and hammers got sloppy and jammed. 

I talked to Jimmy Minor at Granville  Rifle Works and learned about  a Stainless Steel, 1/2 cock system from another manufacturer for the Ruger Old and New Vaquero made from better quality stainless and had more meat where it counted. I have had Jimmy install them on every pair of Old Vaqueros I've owned with great results, mostly because of his precision fitting and thorough action jobs.

I am not competing any longer and have had the time to find  fine examples of the Old Vaquero models and have had them modified  by Jimmy Minor at Creedmoor Rifle Works. 

So from time to time you will see the finest examples of Old Vaqueros  for sale on this website. 

They are becoming harder and harder to find. If you see something you like  don't hesitate. They don't last long.

Ruger Old Vaquero Stainless 4.5" barrel, .45 Colt


($50.00 shipping)

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I have a pair of  Stainless Steel Ruger Old Vaqueros  recently modified by Jimmy Minor of Creedmoor Rifle Works. 

He has installed  a Stainless Steel 1/2 cock system with Bisley hammers and a reverse pall. 

Full action job which includes Wolf springs 

and removing any burrs or imperfections in the steel, timing set and 

whatever else they need to make them better than new.  

One of them has never been fired.

 Jimmy's action jobs  are done right. No clipped springs. The actions are smooth as silk. 

 They are not consecutively serialized .

They currently have original Ruger White ivory grips 

In original Ruger Cases

No more slipped hammers and empty 5th chamber. 

Cylinder advances only when hammer is fully cocked.

We will only ship to an F.F.L. dealer

Pictures below are of the pair. Click on picture to see larger view